Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Things seem to be back to normal at The Tutu Boutique. Thank goodness and thanks to the people at Prosper for getting it back on line. While I have your attention head over and buy your princess a tutu.


Monday, March 05, 2007


There are problems at the web hosting company!

We are aware as is the hosting company the site is down. We can not access the business end of the site either.

The company assures me that they are doing everything they can to get the site back up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

I was not the first person to call them, it seems that something bad has happened to their entire deal.

I hope things will be back to normal tomorrow. Wish them luck. This is the first time this has happened and I feel a bit helpless.


Friday, July 07, 2006

What A Great Deal!! :) Arbonne

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My New Venture - Arbonne

I would like to get the word out that I am now an Arbonne consultant. I am very excited about this. If any of you have heard or use the Arbonne products you know the quality is phenomenal. I am working in the business building end. Yes, this is multi-level marketing. There is no risk in my new business venture. The products sell themselves and the worse case scenario is I will lose $29 for the sign up fee and am stuck with phenomenal products. There is only a lot to gain!! A lot of money that is. You just can't be scared. So many people say "no way" to multi-level marketing because they don't believe they can sell themselves. These products do all the selling. If anyone is interested in the potential to make a lot of money, or simply wants to buy these amazing products at wholesale, and be affiliated with a great all natural company please email or call me as soon as possible to find out how.
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I have to tell everyone this story:
Yesterday I was at a Country Club Pool and got sunscreen in my baby's eyes. He was freaking out! I started ranting to another mother there about disliking sunscreen out of pure frustration. She then tells me I need to try this great sunscreen from Arbonne. It is the ONLY sunscreen that does not make her daughter break out. She went on to tell me that their anti-aging products are out of this world. She and her friends swear by them and call them Miracle Gold. She says she was never a "products" lady until being introduced to Arbonne. I couldn't believe it. I finally told her, after about 5 minutes of her talking, that I signed up as a consultant yesterday! She went onto to tell me that her girlfriend started as a Consultant about 5 months ago and is already putting in for the WHITE MERCEDES. I am totally serious! She told me she would be happy to start buying her products from me and I gave her my Arbonne website address. One day into this business and it is already selling itself. I have already made my $29 sign-up fee back. There is really nothing to lose. She is considering becoming a consultant but right now she is simply happy buying the products at wholesale through me.

By the way, mine and my husbands first venture, www.tutuboutique.com, is doing great. Thank Goodness we took that huge risk. Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Family is Complete

I finally got the picture of my children on all 3 swings at our park around the corner. When I was pregnant with my third I would push Merry and David on 2 of the three swings and think, soon, soon, I will be able to completely hog all the swings!! What a picture it will be!

I feel so proud when people ask, "are they all yours??"
Which happens very often by the way. This is one thing that did surprise me after having my third. I often get that question, and the funny looks, and the heckling from men in eighteen wheelers. I feel like people think 2 is hard, and 3 is starting to get crazy, and 4 you are crazy! I have actually had 2 truck drivers yell out their windows as I am walking down the street, "Hey, why don ya have a notha!" I know I must look kind of funny, with one in the baby bjorn and pushing the other two, but to get heckled?

It is hard, but they are all so great. I can say this right now because my husband has all of them quiet in the other room. Honestly, it is the hardest job that makes me a little happier and consume more and more wine everyday.
Just look at these tub shots, their beautiful, their perfect, and I am so lucky!:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Transition from Nap to no Nap

Here is David down for the count at 5:15 PM. He will be 3 years old in October. I have decided to bite the bullet and call the struggle to put David down for a nap quits! Ugh!! This makes the days VERY long, but less stressful. I no longer have to worry about the struggle until I confront it, and then spend an hour or two in the trenches to end with only frustration of defeat! But what to do on the days when he really needs one, but you have given up on the fight. Today, obviously, I probably would have won. But, isn't consistency key?? To fight or not to fight? I chose to give up the fight. Sooo, what do I do when he conks out at 5:15 at night, dirty, half dressed, not fed??? Never had to deal with this with my, perfect until the age of 3, daughter.

Well at least Thomas thinks it's funny!! Poor David gets no respect!!

P.S. Mom and Sis, what do you think of my new rug? A bargain at an antique store :)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cocktail Party 101

Well, it's all about the people!! Peter and I hosted a cocktail party last night and it was a success because of the wonderful people present. The guests of honor were a couple that Peter and I met in birthing class when I was pregnant with Merry over four years ago. They are embarking on a new venture and moving to Seattle. Bill was offered a job he could not refuse. Sarah is one of those people that everyone feels very fortunate to have met. She makes everyone feel very comfortable, she is very down to earth and accepting of all personalities. This family will be missed by many. As for the cocktails at the cocktail party, I had my share! I had a lot of fun and sure hope my guests did as well. Here is a list I found on the web that I used as a guide to plan for the party, underneath is my version, (a single mother of three, or at least until my husband is finished painting the house).

Two Weeks Before
* Buy your beer, wine, alcohol and mixers (preferably a quality mix like Schweppes)
One Week Before
* Buy all the main grocery items you’ll need except for fresh produce
* Clean the main part of the house
Two Days Before
* Any meat, poultry or pies can be prepared and cooked today and refrigerated. Do not add any sauces, gravies, or citrus to your foods until you serve them.
* Crudités and dips can be prepared today and stored in the fridge.
* Put your basket with the parting gifts, by the door
* Create a coat check. Use a guest bedroom or rent a coat rack. Clear an area away from the front door for winter boots.
One Day Before
* Pick up the ice (about 1/2 lb per person)
* Have all the rental items delivered and set up your holiday table with linens, cutlery, plates etc; if needed, arrange your furniture in the main party area.
* Have the florist deliver fresh flowers today, or buy fresh flowers in the evening and arrange them in vases in key spots throughout your home.
* If you’ve hired a barman, put everything he’s going to need in one spot and he’ll set it up the way he wants to.
* If you’re setting up a self-serve bar, put your alcohol, 2 bottles of wine, corkscrew, citrus, and a handful of highball and wine glasses, on your table. Make sure the mix and the rest of the glasses are easily visible, and accessible. Put your beer in the fridge.
* Salads or vegetables can be prepared, or cooked today and stored in large baggies. (Baggies take up less room in a fridge, than plastic containers). Do not add salad dressing to fresh produce until serving time. Other salads like bean, macaroni, rice, and potato can be ‘dressed’ the day before.
* Any seafood dishes can and should be prepared the night before. You don’t want your home smelling like ‘shrimps’ when your guests walk in. Again, store your seafood in baggies, until serving time. If you're serving whole fish, wrap carefully in foil or plastic wrap and store in the fridge.

Week of:
Realize you will not have time to make food, freak out, call and order all food to be picked up day of party.

Day Before:
Buy alcohol and set up bar & hordeuvres station
Clean House

Day Of:
7:30 Wake Up.
Nurse the baby
Feed kids breakfast
Clean from Breakfast
Get kids dressed

9:30 Nurse baby again and put down for nap
Put kids in front of TV so I can
Shower, do my hair & makeup (have to get in done early)
Get Dressed & wait for baby to wake from nap

11:00 Nurse baby
Pack a lunch and bring kids to park (run them hard so they will be a sleep by the time the guests arrive)

2:30 Nurse baby and put down for nap
Make Grampy take the 4 year old for a few hours
Mom and 2.5 year old go get ice, flowers, cheese & crackers

5:00 Make husband stop painting & take a shower
Arrange Flowers

5:30 Have husband pick up hordeuvres
Wake up baby & Nurse him

6:00 Feed baby and 2.5 year old
Clean from dinner and make sure house is perfect

6:30 Put kids pajamas on

6:45 Clean upstairs bathroom & get dressed

7:00 Have husband put 2.5 year old to bed
Nurse baby

7:15 Four year old shows up with pajamas on but not fed
Heat food

7:30 Put food out
Guests Arrive!!
Put Chicken fingers in oven for 4 year old

7:45 Have husband put baby to bed & set up a kids movie for the four year old upstairs in our bed

Suck down a glass of wine & Enjoy Great Company